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"Why European Jewish heritage matters to all of us"

data: wtorek 10 marca 2020
godz. 13:15, IFA UWr, sala nr 207A UWr, sala nr 207

The Norwegian born Jewish actress, musician, director and playwright. received her formal training in performing arts in Tel-Aviv and New York and has been working as a concert and stage artist since 1981. She began her career in Israel’s national theatre, and continued later to perform on stages in Oslo. She performed Yiddish songs and stories early on in her career and since 1986 she started to appear in her own monodramas co-authored with the Norwegian stage director Ellen Foyn Bruun. The production company “Teater Dybbuk – Oslo” was founded by her in 1990, with the aim to present European Jewish culture and history through theatre and music. Bente has performed for many years internationally with musicians from Norway, Poland, Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands, using archival material as well as her own written texts and compositions. In 2001 Bente Kahan moved with her family to Wrocław and four years later she created the Center for Jewish Culture and Education in the city’s synagogue, the White Stork Synagogue (1829). The following year she established the Bente Kahan Foundation, which became responsible for the culture center and the restoration of the synagogue (completed in 2010), the “shul” (little synagogue, 2015), the “mikveh” , ritual bath, and additional space in the synagogue’s basement (2017/2018). As a director of Wroclaw’s Center for Jewish Culture and Education, she has produced exhibitions and concerts, as well as theatre plays, many of them written and directed by her and performed by Polish artists. The historic synagogue in Wroclaw, serves today as a prestigious cultural venue with events focused on tolerance and diversity, such as the annual “Days of Mutual Respect” initiated by Bente at the inception of the center. Bente Kahan is still requested to perform internationally as a singer with her wide repertoire linked to the European Jewish experience.

Further information available on: www.bentekahan.eu

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