poniedziałek - piątek 10.00 -14.00
Godziny otwarcia sekretariatu
"Bilingual Couples in Poland"

prof. dr hab. Agnieszka Stępkowska

data: wtorek 4 czerwca 2019
15:00, IFA UWr, sala nr 207

Organizatorzy: Instytut Filologii Angielskiej, Kolegium MSI, Komisja Nauk Filologicznych Oddziału PAN we Wrocławiu

Bilingual couples in Poland
The lecture will focus on the sociolinguistic study of bilingual couples in Poland and the most recent publication of its research results. The main objective was to find answers to questions about languages and patterns of communication among bilingual couples who live in Poland. By means of the qualitative methodology, the research offers unique insights into these couples’ linguistic experiences by exploring their private language policies. The collected data bring to light the couples’ language ideologies, language choices and attitudes which, in turn, have an influence on the effectiveness of communication in a dyadic language contact. The linguistic aspects of life experienced by bilingual couples yield a significant outcome in the form of their specific profile, and the diagnosis of the needs and demands related to the private language policy in the family and the assumed responsibility in this respect. The latest monograph features the first ever qualitative research on bilingual couples in Poland. Thus, the hope is that it will boost the dissemination of the subject of adult bilinguals in linguistics, and also stand a good chance of being used primarily by anyone who corresponds to the respondents’ profile to successfully cope with the challenge of life in a bilingual relationship without any formal support from the society in which they function

Biographic note
Agnieszka Stępkowska is an associate professor at the School of English (the University of Szczecin), and a member of Helvetic Initiative research group. Her interests focus on multilingualism, the sociology of language and language contact with special reference to English. She has published monographs entitled English loanwords in Polish naval vocabulary (2011) and Multilingualism and English: The canton of Zurich as a linguistic paradigm (2013). Her third most recent monograph is devoted to Bilingual couples in Poland (2019).